Considerations in a Cloakroom Bathroom Suite

At the point when you’re planning a cloakroom bathroom, your main consideration is probably going to be the way best to maximize the space you have. Most cloakrooms are little, and bathroom manufacturers have concocted a range of small space answers for suit. So whether your tastes pull you toward a traditionally styled bathroom suite, some contemporary wall hung bathroom furniture, or anything in the middle, you ought to have the option to discover something to suit both your inclination and your space without a lot of trouble at all.

cloakroom corner vanity unit


Planning your layout well is the way to bathroom usability. Indeed, even in a little bathroom, pay attention to the spaces between your fittings: in the event that you do not leave adequate space to access your latrine and basin easily, your room would not be at all easy to use regardless of how fantastic the items you pick.

Client access for a basin and latrine is generally at least 60cm – test this out and adapt your planned layout to suit your family: you may require or favor more space. This access space can, of course, overlap. You would not utilize your latrine and basin simultaneously, so the space to access each can be indeed the very same.

Draw out a plan and give mapping it a shot in your home utilizing tape or chalk. Testing a planned layout is the best way to be certain you’re happy with it.


The alternatives for a small bathroom space are quite varied, and a ton relies upon your personal tastes. To summarize, a portion of the things you may jump at the chance to consider are:

  • a) Short projection latrines: Toilets arrive in a range of sizes and shapes. In a small bathroom, you’re probably going to want a more limited projection latrine, as this will mean that your WC takes up less space where it projects into your cloakroom corner vanity unit. Generally speaking, you’ll see that more limited projection latrines are rounder fit as a fiddle and along these lines more current looking than longer projection, oval shaped latrines.
  • b) Slimline: Slimline units are the bathroom furniture for you in case you’re shy of space. Giving you all the width of a standard unit, they have less profundity to them so you save on floor space in your bathroom. You may select a slimline vanity unit (with either a small basin, or a basin that projects over the front of the unit), slimline cabinets, or a slimline WC unit.
  • c) Corner fitting: Depending on the shape of your room, accommodating your sanitary ware into corners can save you a ton of space. The projection will be the same, yet on an angle, and the width of the fittings is not spending straight wall space. Add some corner fitting bathroom furniture to give you essential storage space, tucked out of your way.